Case Study : Mobile Car Detailing

How we helped a Mobile Car Detailing company book more appointments using paid ads + seo.


In the competitive world of mobile car detailing, establishing a strong online presence and attracting local customers is essential for success. This case study explores how we collaborated with a local mobile car detailing business, "Sajus Detailing" to drive growth and achieve remarkable results via PPC Ads on Instagram / Google.


  • Boost Customer Acquisition : Paid Advertising
    Implemented targeted Google Ads and Instagram campaigns to drive traffic and generate leads.

  • Enhance Brand Image : Website Redesign
    Revamped Sajus Auto Detailing' website to make it more user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and optimized for search engines.

  • Increase Online Visibility: SEO
    Conducted keyword research and implemented on-page and off-page SEO techniques to improve organic search rankings.


The collaboration between Sajus Auto Detailing and SIM Digital Solutions yielded impressive results over the course of a year

  • Increased Website Traffic:
    Shine On Wheels' website witnessed a 150% increase in organic traffic, resulting in higher visibility and customer inquiries.

  • Improved Local Visibility:
    The business climbed to the top positions in Google's local search results, significantly enhancing its local presence.

  • Consistent Customer Acquisition:
    Shine On Wheels reduced the impact of seasonal fluctuations, maintaining a steady stream of customers throughout the year.

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation:
    The company's online reputation improved, with a 4.7-star average rating across review platforms, making it a trusted choice for car detailing services in Austin.

  • Revenue Growth:
    Shine On Wheels experienced a 40% increase in annual revenue, thanks to the successful digital marketing efforts.

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